We serve the School of Human Ecology (SoHE) by building community within the student population and supporting the school’s outreach efforts. We help inform the public about our four majors: Human Development & Family Sciences, Nutritional Sciences, Public Health, and Textiles & Apparel. This student organization provides leadership and engagement opportunities for SoHE students.

The School of Human Ecology Ambassadors is a sponsored student organization of up to 35 exemplary SoHE students focused on promoting the school and creating a strong community among the students, faculty and staff. The Ambassadors host monthly SoHE events to help bring students together, represent SoHE at prospective student events, and coordinate the SoHE mentoring program. Becoming a SoHE Ambassadors is a great way to get involved, gain valuable leadership skills, give back to your school and have fun!

Please visit the “Join” tab for information about how to become a SoHE Ambassador. The Ambassadors represent all SoHE majors and students can join as second semester freshmen through last semester seniors.

The organization is structured around the three committees which are the main foci of the organization- Mentoring, Events/Outreach, and Social. There are six executive officers that lead the School of Human Ecology Ambassadors: the President, Vice-President, Public Relations Officer, Mentoring Committee Chair, Events/Outreach Committee Chair, and Social Committee Chair. The School of Human Ecology Program Coordinator, a staff member, oversees the executive officers and serves as the advisor for the organization.

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